Coweta Legends, People, Places and Stories of The Coweta County Area

Some of the most influential people, Places and Stories of The Coweta County Area
Some are just legends so don’t go driving around looking for the boogie man on Belt Road!

Alan Jackson Newnan Native
Alan Jackson  Country Music Star Born in Newnan attended the local Elm Street Elementary and Newnan High School

The Alamo map Formerly ‘The Gem” Historic Theater in Downtown Newnan, Opened as the Newnan Theatre in 1928, now converted into a restaurant/ nightclub

Ellis Gibbs Arnall, Georgia Newman native became governor of Georgia from 1943–1947

Belt Road Bugger Legendary Sasquatch-like Beast!Said to roam the Belt Road area of Coweta county. He pops up about every 6-10 years....coming into town for a haircut perhaps!

Bonnell map Aluminum extrusion factory founded in 1955 by William L Bonnell and still going today. It was once a major employer that helped to build and shape the local economy.

Boomer Local Legend and one time downtown fixture

Brown’s Mill map Historic Civil War Battle Site

Cole Town map Historic District

Doug Stone  Country Music Star

Downtown Newnan map Historic Quintessential Hometown Court Square

Dunaway Gardens Post Card ca 1930
Dunaway Gardens map  Popular retreat of locals and celebrities alike in the 20's, 30's and 40's. Walt Disney frequented the gardens and Minnie Pearl got her start at Dunaway. Reopened in 2005

Erskine Caldwell From Moreland, Author of Tobacco Road and God's Little Acre

Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith (1860–1898), conman and crime boss

Kessler’s Downtown Newnan department store long before there was Wal-Mart!
Lake Raymond

Lewis Grizzard (October 20, 1946 – March 20, 1994) Famous humorist and author born and raised in Moreland

MayhayleyLancaster (October 18, 1875—May 22, 1955)

Oak Hill Cemetery  Historic burial place dating to back to 1833, 269 confederate soldiers and
two Revolutionary War soldiers are buried here.

Coweta County Courthouse
TheCourthouses map

The Goat Man Colorful Local wanderer of legend

The Newnan Drive In map Open 1955-1980?  1 screen 486 cars demolished/ now the site of Lake Ridge Subdivision

The Screaming Bridge (Moreland version) map

The Times Herald Local Newspaper since 1865

Charles Wadsworth, retired director of the Chamber Music Society at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.
Chief McIntosh
William McIntosh (Chief) (1775 – April 30, 1825) also known as Taskanugi Hatke (White Warrior), was one of the most prominent chiefs of the Creek Nation

The Sheriffs of Coweta County, Georgia
Sheriff James Bexley

1848 James Bexley 

1875-1877 Askew, W, S 2 years

1877-1883 Anderson, J, W  6 years

1883-1895 Carmichal, George, H 12 years

Sheriff Brown, George, H

1895-1906 Brown, George, H   11 years 

Sheriff J.D. Brewster

1906-1922 Brewster, J, D  22 years

Coweta County Sheriff S V Carpenter

1922-1928 Carpenter, S, V  6 years

1928-1937 Banks, B, L  9 years

Coweta County Sheriff Lamar Potts

1937-1969 Potts,A, Lamar 32 years

Coweta County Sheriff Aaron Massey

1969-1985 Massey, Aaron,  16 years

Coweta County Sheriff Larry Hammett

 1985-1993 Hammett, Larry, T  8 years

Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager


Coweta County Sheriff Lenn Wood
Lenn Wood Sheriff

Lenn Wood 2019-

A history of Coweta county from 1825 to 1880
This is a fascinating old book about the history of Coweta County, I saw a hard copy in an antique store in Pine Mountain a few years ago but just found this digital copy online on one of those public domain archives, great stuff for all you history buffs.

Click to (~154 pg)Read Online

download PDF File (8.2 M)PDF

Kindle version (~154 pg)Kindle

Author: Anderson, William U

More Historic Images of Coweta County Georgia and Newnan Here

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